Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly do I get with my subscription?

When you subscribe, you receive access to the platform at the level that you subscribed to, either Essential or Premium (Premium level launching late 2022). Both levels include step-by-step modules covering key business topics, hours of video content from mentors who have been in your shoes, and access to helpful resources including blogs, guides, templates and more.

What is the Premium level subscription?

We’re very excited about this new option which will be launching in late 2022. It will have a range of new tools built in – online calculators, notepads, bookmarking, exclusive webinars, but the most interesting element is an online business plan generator. This will enable you to work through the modules and topics, answering questions as you go, which in turn will deliver a completed business plan to you at the end of your journey.

Is there an app?

Not at this stage. We are launching the browser version of the platform first, then the Premium level subscription. Our plan is to create an app for easier learning ‘on the go’ at some stage in 2023.  That said, we’ve made the live version mobile friendly, so you can move along with your learning on your phone or tablet sat on the train or at the breakfast table!

How do I know that the information is reliable?

That’s a great question, and if you’re asking it, you are definitely cut out for the world of self employment! When we set out on this journey, we wanted to build a platform that had integrity, that delivered impartial information, and one that our subscribers had confidence in and could trust. We didn’t want the content to be advertorial or focussed on getting people to click on adverts that popped up endlessly on every page. Because of this, we use two sources for all of our content. For each specific module or topic, we use experts in their fields. Where it is information on laws or regulations, we use information from official government sources combined with explanation, context and commentary from experts in that field. And with all of the content you find on the platform, we obviously work hard to make sure it is all up to date!

Do I need to re-subscribe each month?

That’s entirely up to you. Once you have subscribed, a payment will be taken each month until you cancel your subscription. Once you’ve got all you need from My New Venture, just cancel, you’ll have access until your renewal date but no further payments will be taken. Simple.

What happens if I cancel but then want to re-subscribe - will all my data be lost?

Your data will be kept on our servers for a period of time, so if you re-subscribe you can just use your username and password and dive straight back in when you left off.

Is my data safe? Who gets to see it?

Your data is absolutely safe. All data sits on our server which is based on a secure UK datacenter with the highest levels of security. You password information is all encrypted and we operate with stringent policies internally to maintain the security of all our systems, processes and software. The answers you give in the onboarding questions are fed into our database which allow us to curate the most useful information for you.

Does the content get updated?

Absolutely. We have a content team that is constantly reviewing, updating and adding to the platform. We have systems and processes to ensure that our customers are receiving the most up to date and accurate content.

Who is behind the platform?

My New Venture is the dream of three founders, all three of which have set up and run small businesses. Some of which have been successful and some of which have been less so. Together, we have a range of experiences – many positive, some negative – which we feel equips us to help others. Mostly, we want people to avoid some of the errors we made, and ultimately become successful.