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My New Venture is a learning platform helping individuals with a business idea to start, grow and succeed.

What is My New Venture?

My New Venture is a step-by-step learning platform guiding you through the key steps and knowledge needed to setup and grow a new business. The must-know information is delivered through slides, infographics, tables, calculators, videos and downloadable resources. One place for everything to save you time.

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What does it cover?

The platform is structured through 9 core modules and broken down into 60+ business topics covering everything from registering your business to managing cashflow and forecasting. Downloadable resources include guides, checklists and templates to help you put your learnings into action, reduce costly mistakes and save you money.

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How much does it cost?

A monthly subscription to the platform starts at £15 per month – cheaper than a takeaway! There’s no tie-ins so when you’ve got all the information, just cancel.


Whats included

Who have we helped?

We've helped lots of people, just like you.

Helen O

Franchisee, London
If I hadn’t completed the Money, Financing & Accounting module before I started, I would have been in deep trouble with my cashflow after just a few months.

Richard E

Builder, Leicester
There was a lot to think about when I started out on my own, and a lot I didn’t know, so getting all the information on equipment leasing and tax responsibilities specifically, really helped me out.

Jim D

Designer, Newbury
Subscribe to My New Venture, it was the single most useful tool after making the decision to set up on our own. Nowhere else has that breadth of information all under the one roof.
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No contract, no risk, just a wealth of information to help you succeed

Just £15 per month - less than a trip to the cinema

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Blogs and resources

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