What's the Story?

Who are we you ask? It’s a good question, after all, if we’re not credible as founders, why should you believe in our platform?

Why My New Venture?

My New Venture is a labour of love, brought alive by three founders and a team of talented people that share our passion. We’ve all been where you are, whether that be thinking about starting, already running, or looking to give your venture a renewed kick. Are we doing this for the money? Well, it would be nice to make a few quid for sure. The real reason is that we’ve each had business failures that have affected us in profound ways.

We want to give small business owners and sole traders the information they’ll need to make the chance of success as high as it can possibly be.

Our Purpose
“To empower individuals to make confident decisions and design their own future”.

Our Vision
“Success for everyone who starts a business”.


Founder Facts

Three founders, all running small businesses

Jovan Maric

Chief Executive Officer

Formerly group HR manager for a small chain of hotels, owned an Argentinian steak house in Yorkshire, co-founded a successful creative agency in the South-East, spoke at the EU on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and led a hospitality business into administration. Battle-scarred, experienced and passionate about helping micro and small business start-ups to avoid the bad decisions he has made.

Phillipa James

Phillipa James

Chief Marketing Officer

Meet Phillipa from My New Venture, founder of an international health brand and owner of a busy digital marketing agency. She was inspired to start a business by family and a desire to manage her own team after working in marketing consultancy for a range of corporate clients.  My New Venture is her way of passing on that inspiration to others.

Richard Bevan

Chief Financial Officer

Richard is a chartered accountant, his specialty being international tax.  He has advised individuals and large international organisations, along with the rich and famous (like seriously famous, we can’t tell you but trust us, it’s really cool) Richard is a serial entrepreneur and has arranged investment for many start-ups through his own accountancy firm.

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