Working at My New Venture

We’re looking for great people to help build something that is meaningful and positively impacts a whole lot of people

Like-minded people, that’s who we need.

We are all about helping people to achieve great things, and that doesn’t end with our customers, it permeates across every aspect of our business including our people. As such, we ensure our employees make the most of their abilities and have opportunities to develop and realise their potential.

Our business is all about helping customers to succeed, and that’s the same for our people.

Milena & Matthew


We believe in a good wage for a job well done, but we know that the kind of people we want to work for us are interested in more than just the salary. So what can we offer the right kind of candidate at My New Venture?

A competitive salary

28 days annual leave (including Bank Holidays) with an additional day of leave for your birthday 

Opportunity to gain more annual leave per year of service

Company pension scheme

Company health scheme

Takeaway lunch every Friday in the office

Company events & Friday drinks

Hybrid working

Formal and on-the-job training

Paid time off to volunteer

Free licenses for friends and family

"We have an opportunity to build a modern working environment, where people love to come to work, solve problems and can affect positive change.”

Jovan Mari Co Founder, My New Venture

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Recruitment Process

What are we doing to make our recruitment and employment fair, equitable and enjoyable?

Our business is built on the premise that we are looking for the person who shares our values and has the right skills and attitude. That’s it. We have worked to create a fair, transparent and equitable recruitment process where everyone is judged on their merits and nothing else.  

We take great pride in our approach to recruitment, from job advert right through to your three month review. We make sure you feel welcomed, supported and have the right tools to deliver what you are being asked to.

The actual interview process is a series of stages:

Application form

It’s sometimes hard for candidates to know exactly what the employer wants to know when asking for a CV and cover letter, so we try and make it really clear exactly what information we want by using an application form. It also ensures that everyone is operating on a level playing field.


Telephone interview

This is an initial 30 minute call, whereby we ask a few questions about you and your experience and why you are interested in working with us. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any initial questions about the role. The call will quickly identify if we’re a good fit for one another.


Technical assessment

This is where you’ll be required to undertake a technical assessment relevant to your particular role. Essentially, a challenge to gauge where your skills are at, helping us determine suitability for the role but also, if you are successful, how we will configure a training plan tailored to you.



This is where we’ll invite you into the office for an in-person interview with the directors of the business. While there is naturally an element of formality to the interview, we think that we get the best out of people when they feel relaxed and comfortable, so we try and foster an environment that helps you to show us how great you are. The interview is as much about us selling the opportunity to you, as it is about you selling your capabilities and passion to us.


Psychometric testing

The psychometric tests accurately assess your strengths and how you would fit in the team. They also ensure that we can objectively assess someones personality traits. Delivering a transparent and equitable recruitment process is very important to us.



Once we’ve looked at all of the data and discussed internally, we’ll make an offer to the successful candidate and get the ball rolling with paperwork, workstation and onboarding. Exciting!

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"Diversity in every form throughout our workforce is essential for success. We believe everyone has tremendous potential, so we nurture the personal and professional growth of every member of our team to help them become all they can be.”

Phillipa James, Co-Founder, My New Venture

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We look forward to hearing from you.

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