Module 5 . Money, Financing and Accounting

Cash Flow




Common Forms of Forecasting

Website - Marketing

Sales Forecasting - Services

Sales Forecasting - Products

Important Numbers For Cash Flow Forecasting

Cashflow Forecasting
Important Numbers For Cash Flow Forecasting Cont.
Cashflow Forecasting

Invoicing Periods

Good Cash Flow Practice

Cash Balance
Good Cash Flow Practice Cont.
Chase up invoices
Good Cash Flow Practice Cont.
Online accounting systems and their importance
Good cash flow practice

Setting Financial KPIs

Setting Financial KPIs

Small Business KPIs

Conversion Rates
Small Business KPIs Cont.
Gross Profit Margin


Overhead Cost to Sales

Invoice Financing

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting/Factoring

Invoice DiscountingInvoice Factoring
Individual transaction - each bill is separately assessedProvision of bulk finance
Stamp duty is charged on certain usance billNo stamp duty is charged
Involves more paperworkLess paperwork involved
Original documents to be submittedOnly copies shall be submitted
It is a balance sheet itemIt is an off-balance sheet item

Foreign Exchange/Multi-Currency

Foreign exchange

Business Expenses


Business Expenses - Receipts

Business Expenses