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Jim D

Subscribe to My New Venture, it was the single most useful tool after making the decision to set up on our own. Nowhere else has that breadth of information all under the one roof.

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Milena & Matthew

Milena & Matthew

We knew food and hospitality, but we didn’t know anything about running a business.

Helen O

If I hadn’t completed the Money, Financing & Accounting module before I started, I would have been in deep trouble with my cashflow after just a few months.

Richard E

There was a lot to think about when I started out on my own, and a lot I didn’t know, so getting all the information on equipment leasing and tax responsibilities specifically, really helped me out.

Sarah T

After ambling along with my writing business for a short time the MNV content, particularly the cash flow and finance section has been an enormous leap forward for growth. I only wish I'd started with this expert programme sooner


Having a helping had through my business journey was exactly what I needed to save time, effort and have the freedom to focus on what was important to move the needle forward in my business with ease.

Kevin R

My New Venture is a great site to navigate. The messages are simple, straightforward and easy to read. I am really looking forward to starting my business with all the help and guidance My New Venture will give me.