If you were asked to describe the personality of your company, would the answer trip off your tongue?

It’s actually not an easy question to answer for many, so it’s important for the success of your website project that time is allocated for us to fully understand your business and your customers. This will ensure that you are extremely happy with the end result.

In an ideal world, our clients will have a set of Brand Guidelines. These clearly set out the key elements of a visual identity and illustrate how they come together to create your distinctive brand. If these don’t exist, as long as you have a clear vision of your brand strategy, we can get the answers we need during our discovery workshop. This is step 2 of our website process before moving onto the development stage.

Having a clear Brand Strategy and Guidelines doesn’t just help your web designer, it gives your business direction and the ability to grow.

Interview with Ginetta George

To explain what we mean, we’ve asked Ginetta George, Managing Director of Detail to join us for a guest blog interview.

Jovan: Thanks for joining us Ginetta!

Just to set the scene, we’ve described one scenario when a business owner might realise they need to define their brand, what might other indicators be?

Ginetta: We work with clients from start-ups to established larger businesses. Today more than ever, judgments are made about your business from what the visitor sees online. If your brand lacks strength and unity, then that is how you will be perceived.

The word ‘brand’ indicates consistency. If we have a consistent identity across all our communications, we’ll continue to be recognised, remembered and rewarded with trust and renewed business.

Jovan: Having a strong brand allows a company to stand out from their competitors. With this in mind, I assume you need to look at the bigger picture such as their industry, target audience and their own dreams for where they want their business to go, before you can start working on the finer detail of their brand.

Can you talk us through this research phase?

Ginetta: Before we begin any design work, we spend time with our clients interviewing, researching and getting a true understanding of their business objectives. We look at the market landscape, peers and competitors, current position and vision for the future.

Jovan: Like Square Daisy, I know you hold a workshop to help your clients to drill deep into the essence of their business and come up with the answers that will define their brand.

Could you describe the steps in this workshop?

Ginetta: Our workshop is with key staff members to gain insight on a number of areas: Purpose, ambition, culture, difference and target audiences. It’s interactive and enjoyable too – we aim to discover the true personality of the business!

Jovan: What happens next?!

Ginetta: We define the brand strategy and align to the business objectives. This is such an important step as ultimately results in a strong brand creative that is relevant, future proof and a true reflection of the company.
At this point our creative work begins and we bring the brand to life. We develop a brand identity that is relevant, engaging and flexible across multiple channels. Above all it will visually communicate the brand narrative – and look fabulous of course!

Jovan: If we are presented with a set of Brand Guidelines when we start a website project (or video production), we’re extremely happy!

Could you describe what is contained in a Brand Guidelines document?

Ginetta: We clearly set out the company mission, culture and values – everything underpinning the brand.

The visual guidelines will include logo usage and variations, brand hierarchies, space and sizing, colour palette, typography, imagery, graphic devices, iconography, tone of voice and application.

It can then be used by any third party working with the business from web and digital through to print, exhibitions and any marketing communications.

Brand definition and visual consistency = Brand strength. Not to mention the enormous amount of time saved by everyone when they have a good clear set of Brand Guidelines to follow!

Jovan: Thank you Ginetta. There is often confusion around what brand and branding actually means and this has helped to make things much clearer.

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