If you’re at the cutting edge of an industry or your business is all about innovation, it is important that your website reflects these same traits, otherwise you are in danger of lacking credibility and being ignored.

Manufacturers and engineering companies can be guilty of this mismatch

We’ve seen plenty of instances of high-tech companies that are not presenting the right image because of poor-quality websites.

If the look and feel of your website are outdated, potential customers are less likely to be inspired by your products or buy into your proposition so readily. Equally, even if it looks great, but the functionality is poor, or you have a number of faults, it is a reflection of the quality of your own output.

The manufacturers long distance relationship

For manufacturers, exporting is one of the most effective ways of developing the business and securing a long-term future. It’s a way to reduce costs and increase profits. Exporting has also helped manufacturers ride out the recession.

Brexit brought a degree of insecurity, knocking the confidence of many, but these changing times also bring opportunities, such as trading with countries further afield than Europe.

The longer distance relationship creates an interesting situation. You can catch a plane from Germany to the UK first thing in the morning, meet and have a tour of a manufacturing site, and be home in time for dinner. This is not going to be the case for exploratory meetings and visits from emerging markets halfway around the globe.

The quality of content on websites is going to be even more important for manufacturers that export. A great website with good quality photos and engaging videos is key.

Decision-makers can view explainer videos or animated videos showing how specific technology works (much more informative than a series of diagrams and text) and virtual tours of manufacturing sites, before deciding whether to take a long-haul flight to meet suppliers in the UK.

Videos created specifically for this purpose will save on travel expenses, time spent on the move and aid more rapid decision-making.

Recruiting Engineers

Another problem that manufacturing and engineering companies are facing is the lack of skilled engineers. To help tackle the engineering skills gap, the Government announced in November 2017 that 2018 would be the Year of the Engineer.

Since skilled engineers are in demand, manufacturing and engineering companies need to work hard to attract and fill these positions. Similar to high-quality websites and videos attracting prospective overseas customers, they are also a great way to attract highly sought-after engineers.

When a skill is in demand, suddenly, the boot can be on the other foot. It’s the manufacturing company that’s being shortlisted by the potential employee. A recruitment video can include a message from the CEO setting out the vision for the company along with testimonials from employees sharing the opportunities they’ve enjoyed during their careers. Such recruitment videos are a successful means of attracting strong candidates for key roles and can deliver a huge return on investment through just a single successful hire.


Be critical. Is your high-tech, innovative business truly reflected in your website? If not, it’s time to correct this mismatch; gain the credibility and attention you deserve.

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