Is it time to create an Instagram reel for your small business?

Instagram reels are one of the most popular and effective ways to build your brand. They help you create professional videos, share them with your followers, and introduce yourself to new audiences without taking up all your time making them. Instagram reels are a great way to show off your skills, your personality, and your brand. 

The best part about reels is that you can do them quickly—and for free! 

Unsure how to make a reel on Instagram? Look no further.

In this guide, we will show you how easy it is to create an Instagram reel and how you can use this tool to grow your small business into a larger audience.

Create Your Storyboard

Once you have signed up for an Instagram account and created a business profile, you’re one step closer to creating the right reel for you.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, let’s talk about storyboarding. Storyboards are an essential part of planning your Instagram reel. Not only do they help you organise your ideas and make sure everything is going to flow together seamlessly but illuminate what sets your account apart from competitors. 

Here’s why you should make a storyboard before creating your reel:

  • Keep track of your design, monitoring the progress 
  • Decrease errors 
  • Boost quality 
  • Save time and energy on reworking or replanning 
  • Accurately reflect your brand image 

The story of the reel should clearly reflect the ‘why’ of your small business. If you don’t know how to create a storyboard, don’t worry!

Consider these questions to help create your ideal storyboard:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. Which type of content has been performing well?
  3. What are your goals?
  4. How will this reel provide value for your audience? 
  5. What is the purpose of the reel?

How To Create An Instagram Reel

So, you want to create an Instagram reel that showcases your work or brand. You may be wondering: is it possible? How can I make sure that my reel is cohesive and engaging? 

We’ve got you covered, here’s how to do it from start to finish so that your reel will impress your followers and potential customers. Remember that practice makes perfect, especially with social media features that might feel foreign. Once you are familiarised with this feature, the procedure gets easier each time you create a reel. 

Creating a reel combines four parts of your Instagram account:

How To Access Instagram Reels

To access your reel, use the Instagram app on your phone and go to either your profile tab or the camera. 

1. If you’re on your profile, click the plus icon in the top right and tap on ‘Reel’ in the drop-down menu. 


2. If you’re on your feed, you can also access the plus icon or tap on the “Play” icon located centrally at the bottom of your app. Once selected continue to tap on the “Camera” icon in the top right. 

How To Shoot Or Add A Video For The Reel

The good news is that there are many ways to shoot your reel. Whether it’s on the Instagram app, pre-existing videos in your phone gallery, or using Instagram templates – you can optimise new and old content. 

A top tip if you’re unable to shoot your video with assistance is to use a tripod or a selfie stick. This will make sure that you’re in the shot and that the camera is stable, so it doesn’t shake.

If you have an iPhone, use the camera app and record as much footage as you need to get some good content and different angles. If you don’t have an iPhone, get a cheap tripod, or even just set up a stack of books with your phone inside them at different heights to get different angles.

Play With The Features

You can use the features available on Instagram to create a creative and attractive Instagram reel. Ultimately, the aim is to make your reel stand out from the rest!

  • Add emojis, stickers, and text to your reel. 
  • Add multiple videos to your reel if you want to show off different aspects of your work or create a highlight reel.
  • Add your own custom logo: In addition to using the basic options that come with every video upload on Instagram, you’ll have a lot of freedom when it comes down to adding text and logos to your video appearance. You can customise these elements as much as possible while still maintaining their quality, so they don’t look pixelated or distorted when playing back on screen.
  • Adding music to your Instagram reel is easy. You can use the music on your phone or computer. Or the app itself has a number of audio tracks to choose from. Try to find trending audio or audio that’s been used a lot because these reels tend to be more popular and it may help your reel perform better in the algorithm. 

Share Your Reel to Instagram

Now that you’ve finished your reel, it’s time to share it on social media.

  • Share your reel to Instagram by simply selecting ‘Share.’ Make sure you edit the cover, so the reel compliments your feed’s aesthetic. 
  • Use trending hashtags like #videooftheweek or #videowinsfromthisweek or specific hashtags to your reel to make it easier to find.
  • Share your reel to Facebook groups where other people may be interested in seeing what type of content you make. This can also be a good way to connect with other creators who may want advice from someone with experience producing videos similar in style or content as yours…and vice versa!

Unsure how to create a strong reel caption? Remember these tips when writing your next caption:

  • Make the most of your first sentence to grab the attention of your followers. 
  • Include a CTA or ask a question. 
  • Explain your reel in further detail: product or service.
  • Keep your tone fun and friendly, write like a human, not a robot!
  • Be unique by writing for your target audience.

Best Ways To Use Instagram Reel

It’s time to consider how using reels can promote your business. Reels can humanise your brand, showing a face to your brand and connecting with followers on a personal level. 

Are you trying to create a viral Instagram reel? Here are our top tips you need to know:

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1. Use on-screen text and captions 

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2. Capitalise on trends as inspiration (including catchy music and voiceover audio)

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3. Drive traffic to links in your bio 

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4. Find your niche audience and post consistently but don’t over-do it, 2 reels a week is a good amount

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5. No more than 30 seconds to keep it optimal  

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6. Get creative with transitions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Instagram Reels the new TikTok?

Both short-form videos share the same features and functions which makes it difficult to decide which platform is best for your small business. The maximum length of a video on TikTok is 10 minutes, whereas a video on Instagram reels is limited to 90 seconds. 

Should I do Reels or TikTok?

It is easier now more than ever for small businesses to shoot, edit and post videos straight from their phone. Selecting a platform to share your video content relies on which platform caters for your target audience. For example, TikTok hosts a younger demographic of users in comparison to Facebook. 

Is IGTV and Reels the same?

Instagram informed users in 2021 that IGTV will no longer be present on the app. The difference is that reels are short-form videos with the aim of quickly capturing viewers’ attention.

Will you get shadow banned by using a TikTok video as an Instagram Reel?

Although Instagram may not directly shadow ban* a TikTok video, it won’t actively promote it within the platform’s algorithm. A TikTok watermark on your uploaded reel means your followers will still watch the video but it will not get noticed in the reels section of the app.

*Shadow ban means to block a user from a platform without their knowledge, typically by making their posts no longer visible.

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